Dziüsantakłpadzi Sançpagoçpa Viłü


The cover has been updated on my YouTube channel. I also drew my own font, I will post it soon.


My second forum is ready, it remains to add all the videos to it and it will definitely be ready. Come check it out!


Uploadir wrote that it will close on December 30, 2022.

I guess, all my uploaded files and links will stop working, so if you want, you can reupload any files from my account.

I'll have to look for a replacement again,

since there are very few such sites and most of them are paid or don't support large files.

I'll think about what to do with it...


I made a background for each year on my site. I understand that the quality of this background is terrible,

but I can't make it better, because the size will be too large, so I had to reduce it to this result.

The main thing is that the gif works and you can see the moments from my videos.


All non-working players and their pages have been removed from the site. Now there is a loading screen, page not found.


I have accumulated a lot of errors and shortcomings that need to be fixed on different sites and social media.

What will be fixed?

1) All art will be recalculated and fixed if they need it.

2) Non-working players will be deleted on my site, as they load the system because of this, I cannot use the site in full.

More precisely, most NoobaS Universe players that have stopped working and showing videos will be deleted.

The pages of these players will be removed from the site and will no longer be accessible.

3) All untranslated YouTube videos will be translated into English, and all covers will be added here.

4) Missing arts will be added to the Wix site

5) After completing the design of a new forum, it will be added to the general list of my links.

I'm going to test the forum first to see what it's capable of and only when everything is uploaded to the forum will I share the link with you.

On the new forum I will try to post EVERYTHING I do.

6) My main site will change the background of my video pages.

I want to add a background to the pages in the form of moments from my videos in gif format.

A new working player page will also be added.

At the moment, these are all the plans that I want to complete in the coming days.

I am sure that you will notice all the changes, so there is no point in writing about the successful implementation of this.


I added all my arts to VK. I'll post arts links here soon.


New Halloween art will be released today October 23rd. Art will be published in all social media except Instagram.

I won't wait until October 31st to post this art, it's too long.


All arts links have been added to the site.

Task Number 1 completed.


At the moment I have 2 tasks that I have to complete.

1) Transfer all new links to arts to the site.

2) Draw new art for Halloween.

Number 1 will be done today or tomorrow.

Number 2 will be released on October 31st for Halloween.

I have one more task, but it takes time to complete.

I'm going to upload all my YouTube videos to a file hosting site and post all the video links here, every link to every video.


Some of you may have noticed that new arts hasn't been released on my Instagram. Why I weren't they published, you ask?

The reason is that new arts will only be published when I have 200K followers on Instagram.

Recently, I rarely draw arts. Arts can be published after a few months and my fans think that I abandoned,

left the social media or forgot to publish arts. This is not true.

I have many other works and I don't have time to draw arts all the time.

When I get enough followers on Instagram, I will release a bunch of new arts, including some that haven't been released yet.

If you want to see my latest arts, you'd better visit my Patreon, the posts there are available in the public, for free.

Thanks for understanding! - Alex Novasov.


What does Novasov mean?

NOVASOV — Network Operator Virtual Address Space Original Version.

N — Network

O — Operator

V — Virtual

A — Address

S — Space

O — Original

V — Version


All videos from my YouTube channel Novasov have been uploaded to Boosty and can be viewed for free in the public domain.

Videos will be uploaded there as soon as they are released on YouTube.

My Boosty:


I uploaded all videos from YouTube to the Archive:,

all videos from 2015 to 2021 are available there. The remaining videos of 2022 will be added to the archive only at the end of 2022.

Video archive is divided into years, they are called VIDEOS [year].

Now you can review all my videos by year and find out when this video was filmed,

on what day / month / year. I make history, the history of my channel.

Also, all my videos from YouTube channel have been uploaded to other video hosting sites and you can find and watch my videos on them.

In the near future, the number of duplicates of my videos will increase on the Internet.

New sections will be released on my website:

with a choice of a player for watching videos through different hostings.

Also, all my videos will be added to the file hosting (if it is possible and I can do it).

The size of the entire video archive (2015-present) on my HDD storage is 400GB+

New 2022 videos have also been added to this archive.

I will be so happy if you also duplicate my videos, download and upload them to some sites.

I will not report stolen videos from my channel only if the video is intact and the description contains a link to the original or to me.

You can use the #Novasov hashtag to credit me as the author.

Please don't steal my videos, it's not good.

If you have any questions about the distribution of my videos, contact me on any social media or email


My movies were rejected by the moderators and unpublished on the day they were published on Newgrounds,

do they really dislike me that much?


“Alexander is my prefix to Novasov.

Novasov is my prefix to Alexander.

Alexander cannot exist without Novasov.

Novasov cannot exist without Alexander.

If there is no Alexander, then there will be no Novasov.

If there is no Novasov, then there will be no Alexander.

These two words cannot exist without each other.

Therefore, I was, am and will be Alexander Novasov.”

― Alex Novasov


“You should be ashamed, that you are still not a fan of Novasov.” ― Alex Novasov


I removed from website pages on which there were videos from Vidoza.

Videos were on page 8, but now page 8 has been replaced by page 9, page 9 has been removed.


I add files from my archive here.

When archive is ready, I will attach a link to archive here.


I finally posted a link to final part 4 of the walkthrough GTA IV,

because I wanted to do video covers first, and then put them here, but I haven't done them yet.

I think in the near future I will add covers to short videos from the game and add them here.


My website is now available!

Visit my website:


Sort the playlists of the channel on YouTube, returned the number of likes on the videos, they were previously hidden.

Now I will upload the latest video to the site and other social media.


I deleted the bot as it doesn't post my new videos.


The videos have been successfully uploaded to the host and published on the site in the Movies tab, by year.

There is still a lot of work to be done on the site to improve,

so for now I will not send a link to the site on my Discord Server. When the site is ready,

I will send a link to the site on my Discord Server.

I plan to transfer all my work, YouTube videos, links and something else to my site.

I'm making the site just so I can have a back up space with all my information since I don't trust YouTube and my Forumotion forum.

Also, I don't really trust the video hosting where I uploaded all my YouTube videos,

but so far I haven't found an alternative solution. Perhaps when the site is fully written,

I will reload the entire site into a file and send it on my Discord Server.

The file will contain my website in the form of HTML code.


Today I started to write a site, did design for it, etc.

I think re-uploading all the videos from the YouTube channel will not take much time.

Basically, it remains for me to finish the site a little,

create a few pages, add a design, and it will be possible to embed players with channel videos.

I want to split them by year. Each year will have its own page on the site.

At the moment, only the login page is ready,

I'm continuing to do it now, maybe I'll write later if something changes.


I uploaded all my YouTube videos to the host. It took me a week to fully load all this.

In the near future I will start writing a site and then send a link to my site on my Discord Server.

On the site, I plan to make an archive of everything that I have done during all this time.

In what form it will be, I don't know. Maybe in the form of a player or a link.


I added a YouTube bot on my Discord Server,

which is supposed to post new videos from my channels to #new-video channel. Whether it will work or not, I don't know.


I may have to leave the popular video hosting sites, so all my videos should be re-uploaded to another host.

In the near future I will create a site on which these videos will be located.


I'm trying to upload all my videos to another host, from which I can then transfer it all to my site.


Updates and news will appear on my Discord Server, they may be for different reasons.

Basically, all my new actions committed on some of my social media will be described on my Discord Server.

So you can understand exactly what I'm doing right now. I will try to post my activity on my Discord Server often.